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"With God all things are possible" Matthew 19:26

Shine and Sign
for Christ

Our Mission

Shine and Sign for Christ is designed to lovingly and graciously mentor and train new and skilled sign language interpreters in the Christian setting to provide clear and understandable interpretation that is aligned with the meaning of the speaker.

Our Vision

To provide more skilled and qualified sign language interpreters in the Christian setting


Interpreters in the Christian Setting

Topics include worship, hard to interpret phrases, vocabulary, and many more.

Basic ASL for Churches

Classes will focus on basic conversation and vocabulary.

Individual and group classes are catered to your needs and goals. Classes can be virtual or in-person if living in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.

"It has been my pleasure to have worked with Ayorkor. As the Director of a tutoring program for students in grades 1-12, I first became acquainted with Ayorkor. She came to us as an interpreter for a student we had in our third-grade class. She proved herself to be not only a compassionate and skilled sign language interpreter but a teacher as well. My staff was always happy to see Ayorkor arrive because they knew she would include our deaf student in a small group so he would feel more involved and engaged with the other students. Ayorkor always arrived with a smile on her face.


I have also come to know Ayorkor as a teacher myself. She was teaching me and helping me to become more adept with sign language. She is pleasant and patient, well-organized, and thoughtful in her instruction. And, as always, she arrives with a smile on her face."  

Marcia Wilson, MD

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